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Argghhhhhh! Bored o’ those landlover match three games? Then you’ve found the right game ye’ scurvy scalawag. Welcome to Chests O’ Booty! Become a pirate capt…. errr…. accountant on the high seas and organize yer Booty before yer chest becomes too heavy and yer ship sinks from all that unorganized plunder.

How it works:

Click on a group of coins to combine their values into a single coin. You can also knock out coins if they are in the way.

Five 1 coins will turn into one 5 coin.
Two 5 coins will turn into 10 coin.
Five 10 coins turn into one 50 coin.
Two 50 coins turn into one 100 coin.
Five 100 coins turn into one 500 coin. 
Two 500 coins and you have earned a Skull Token!


Casual: Play for as long as you like in this mode. No points, no stress, just fun.

Time Attack: That scurvy sea monster tax collector is coming and he is looking to collect. Yes, even yer plunder be taxed. It be a race against the clock to organize as much plunder as possible before he puts boots to yer deck.

Versus: Yer crew be a lazy sort. “No work without payment” be their motto. So organize yer plunder as quickly as possible to acquire the only thing yer crew be after, the skull token. With this token pay yer crew to perform dastardly actions against yer foes to sink them before they sink ye.

Supported Platforms: Windows 7/8, Mac Os


Keyboard and Controller support!

Player 1: 

D-Pad/Analog - Move
Button 1 - Combine Coins
Button 2 - Knockout Coins

Arrow Keys - Move 
/ - Combine Coins
. - Knockout coins

Player 2: 

D-Pad/Analog - Move
Button 1 - Combine Coins
Button 2 - Knockout Coins

W A S D - Move 
e - Combine Coins
q - Knockout coins


Buy Now$0.99 USD or more

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CoB-1.1-Mac.zip 58 MB